About Us

Prague with Love

Dear tourists, guests and partners!

If you are reading my message, it means you would like to know who is that person ready to bring the best memories from your trip to Prague with love and passion.

My name is Victoria, I am a professional and licensed guide in Prague. I am 24 and I am the Alchemist. I graduated the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, so I actually am an Alchemist. There are still a lot of magicians living here. Their goal is to make this world better, to bring happiness and make your trip to Prague unforgettable!

During three years of my tour guide career I have had more than 500 tours, I have made more than 2000 people fell in love with Prague! Together we have walked more than 20.000 km (12.400 miles) and we have spent more than 2000 hours together with our Prague!

The most important thing in our life is time. Especially if you come to Prague. Only a true Alchemist can make time stop. He can also organize the time to be spent properly, suggest your perfect tour and feel breath of Prague together with you. By the way, be sure that after you once visit Prague you will definitely come back again!

While discovering Prague you will be with the local guide, who knows the Czechs and their traditions. Tour in Prague is also about how people live here, their habits, what they like and dislike, what they eat and drink. You will understand Czechs much better together with your local tour guide!

That is why I founded this project. Prague with Love is made for you to organize your perfect holiday in the Czech Republic. Once you come to Prague you will always love this magic city!

From Prague with Love, Victoria, your Guide and Alchemist.